How to Tell a Great Story

Whether you want to make a promo video for your organization or a video podcast for your business, the principals of great storytelling are essentially the same as cinematic storytelling from the movies we love to see. In my opinion, the people at Disney are the best at storytelling. They have an incredible way of consistently attracting an audience to see their films, go to their parks, and buy their products. You may not agree with me, but their results speak for themselves. 

Pixar writer and director Andrew Stanton made great movies such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo, so he has a pretty good idea of how to tell a great story. In the image below, Andrew explains his golden rules for telling a great story:

So how does that apply to us? If you take a step back and notice the big picture, you’ll see one fundamental principal that is essential for telling a great story:

Give People Something to Root For.

Whatever video content you want to make, you need to give something people to root for. If you’re selling a product, service, or have a blog, don’t tell the “what” but tell the “why.” People these days have a pretty good BS meter. So if people see the reason “why" those things need to exist, then people will see something genuine and instinctually root for you. And like a great story, people will want to know more.

People like heroes and underdogs. So tell a great story and give them something to root for.

What do you think? Do you agree or have something else to add?


Sidney Diongzon

I’m a filmmaker who loves to chase stories. I use my influence on YouTube and Instagram to help people become better storytellers though practical tutorials, cinematic visuals, camera gear reviews, and behind-the-scene vlogs.