3 Differences Between Good Storytelling & Great Storytelling

We all love stories. But what makes a story good? Even better, what makes a story great? Throughout my career as a filmmaker, I tend to have the same conversations with many clients.

“Can you make a video that looks really cool?"


“It has to look really professional."

“Of course."

“We really need a really killer video with really good special effects."

“Um. Okay…"

While visuals are great, it’s the story that leaves the lasting impression. In fact, try to make a video look cool will only result in a "good" video. You don't want that. You want to tell a great story. If you’re an organization, blogger, or entrepreneur that wants great video content, remember these 3 differences between telling a good story and telling a great story:

1. Good stories leave people satisfied. Great stories leave people wanting more.

A great example of this are good movie trailers. In 30 seconds these trailers give a small preview of what the movie will be about, but created in a way to hook the audience at the very end to cause a strong desire to go see the movie.

2. Good stories intrigue. Great stories captivate.

A great example of this are Instagram posts. When we scroll down the photos, we see certain photos so good that make us stop and double tap. But there are certain photos that captivate us so much that make us want to reply via emoji.

3. Good stories last. Great stories live.

A great example of this are movies that you want to see over and over again. Transformers is a fun movie that satisfies our visual stimulation. But movies like Elf leave such a lasting impression, so much so that it continues to live as a staple to our Christmas traditions.

The opposite of good is great. So don't just tell a good story. Tell a great story.

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